31 December 2013

2014: cultivating contentment

Last January I wrote of my search for moderation in 2013, and I'm pleased with the progress I made on that front. While I still worked hard and set lofty goals, I moderated my innate desire for perfection, for immediate results, and for "more".  I consumed fewer material goods, opted for a smaller living space to call home, and spent a little less time on work and more on my spirit

Now, I find myself staring down 2014 with a desire to achieve real contentment in life. For me that means cultivating a healthy mind, body, spirit, and planet.

principles of green design
How to accomplish this lofty goal? That's what I'll be figuring out over the year, but it will most certainly include connecting with nature, living more simply and in the present, serving others, practicing yoga and meditation daily, eating a primarily plant based diet, living sustainably, and investigating holistic and natural ways to turn homes into sanctuaries. 

natural design ideas
Our world is a complicated and hectic place. There are many problems. Big ones. All we can do is try to leave the places and spaces we visit and occupy a little better than we found them. And stop to take in the beauty that surrounds us in things big and small. That is what will leave an impact on people and on the planet. And that is when contentment will emerge. 
I wish you all a wonderful 2014 and I hope you will follow along and find posts that inspire you to decorate simply and naturally, think sustainably and sleep peacefully! 

24 December 2013

Merry Christmas

16 December 2013

natural and simple holiday decorating

It's getting close! I love the excitement that builds at this time of year in anticipation of Christmas. It's heightened by bringing in natural and sweet smelling greenery and wood from outdoors. What a better way to celebrate the holidays than through a simple tribute to our wonderful planet and its Maker. 

unknown source
unknown source

13 December 2013

seven stunning modern rustic bathrooms

Looking to add a bit of rustic to your modern bathroom? Check out these inspiring rooms. 

7 stunning modern rustic bathrooms
modern rustic bathrooms
modern rustic bathrooms
rustic modern
new modern rustic
modern rustic bathroom
cabin modern rustic bathroom

10 December 2013

simple holiday table setting

Nothing is more classic, natural or easy than white cotton napkins, a sprig of boxwood or holly, simple white flowers and some jute rope. Happy holiday entertaining! 

8 December 2013

quick refresh: homemade mouse pad

I haven't really used a mouse pad in the past, but after moving into my new condo and switching my desk to a glossy top version, I needed one. 

I had, however, committed to a "nothing-new-move-experiment"  so I couldn't go out and buy one. What to do? Create one with stuff I already own. 

I simply covered a book with some pretty material I had stashed away. All I did was wrap the book like a present and use spray glue to hold. Easy-peesy, and didn't cost a dime. 

What are your tips for no-spend solutions? 

3 December 2013

room of the week: versatile white kitchen

I'm loving this modern rustic industrial kitchen that could fit into any style house- farmhouse, loft, bungalow, even a condo. I love that the white backsplash was used above the cupboards right to the ceiling. The designer saved buying a whole other section of cabinetry by simply placing a table as a second workspace - sustainable and functional. Artwork in the kitchen is a must. And the colourful rug adds just the punch of warmth and character needed to make the space irresistible. 


1 December 2013

the countdown is on!

29 November 2013

gray and pink nursery

Friends of mine recently shared the happy news that they are having a baby girl! So exciting (congrats I&K)! She really likes the gray and pink colour combo and is looking for inspiration for a room that will fit into their farmhouse but also be modern and, you know, adorable. I love this colour combo (ok I love any combo with gray) so it was fun finding these great rooms. There are so many great shades of pink to consider. Number 4 and 5 are my faves. Yours? 

great repurpose/DIY project
change the blue to gray...
a pretty design she can grow into

24 November 2013

small space hacks

When I moved into my small condo (see more here) I knew I would need to get creative with what stayed, what went, and how I used the things I kept. Jenna Mahoney's book Small Apartment Hacks provided some good advice to keep me on track. Among her many tips was "use baskets and trays for collecting, organizing and displaying like items." I've always loved baskets, trays, bowls and other vessels for storage, and I've used plenty in my new space. 

If you haven't checked out the book its worth a read. Happy small space hacking! 

23 November 2013

simple no-cost art and organization

I recently moved into a new condo with the goal of spending absolutely nothing and bringing nothing new into the home that I didn't already own. You can read about it here. So when it came to figuring out how to organize my jewellery and bags, and also decorate my bedroom walls, I concluded that simply hanging my stuff on display would accomplish both needs. 

I simply hung my necklaces from the tiniest of nails on the wall as an 'art installation'. 

Bags went up on door-knob hooks. 

And the rest of my jewellery is displayed on my dresser in a mix a modern and vintage vessels.