2 May 2012

global design inspiration: Columbia

The home of Columbian designer Richard Mishaan in Cartagena is a fantastic example of blending old and new.  The home was a renovation project in which Mishaan stripped back layers to reveal original ceilings, wood beams and stone walls. He kept the Spanish-colonial architectural elements of the home in place, while adding modern design and functionality. 

This home reminds us that we will be rewarded when we honour our roots, reclaim and salvage whenever possible, and weave in modern design.

You can learn more about Mishaan's Columbian home in Architectural Digest


  1. The colours are fabulous, so bright and fun :)

    Abbey x

  2. That first picture if perfect! I am not brave enough to paint my doors a bright color like that.

  3. He does such a good job of making spaces colorful but also serene. I want to move in!!

  4. @thewaffler.com

    I know, right? He uses more colour than I would think of using yet it feels very relaxing and all works together.

  5. Wow! Love the red doors, and the wood ceiling beams are gorgeous! Love the view out the shower window too, but... doesn't that view mean other people can see INTO the shower?! EEK!


  6. What a beautiful home! The colors and wood ceilings are perfect.



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