14 May 2012

quick refresh: wallpaper accent wall

Often our bedrooms are the rooms that get the least attention when redecorating. Want a quick and easy way to dramatically change the look of your bedroom? Wallpaper the wall behind your bed to create a standout accent wall. It'll create a modern, fresh look, but won't cost too much since you will only be papering one wall. 

Here are some great examples:


  1. I am not an orange person, but something about that orange wallpaper with the flowers is both so modern and whimsical -- love it.

  2. Why is it that the bedroom is last on the list? It's my haven and yet it has remained half decorated for almost 3 years! Just the motivation I needed!

  3. Wallpaper behind the bed can add such a big impact to a bedroom!

    Abbey x

  4. What a wonderful idea! I am seriously thinking about doing this to my bedroom. And why stop there when I can use it anywhere else I want :)

  5. Both our master bedroom and guest bedroom have a wallpapered accent wall. I love the look, and it's a great way to add texture & pattern to a room. Not to mention some WOW factor :-)

    Love the bedroom with the map wallpaper - seriously cool!



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