18 December 2014

simple and natural holiday table

I find setting the table for Christmas dinner one of the loveliest parts of the holidays. There's something about taking the time to make the atmosphere special for family and friends that gives me a little rush, yet seems peaceful at the same time. Do you find that too?

Christmas table, natural place setting, organic holiday table

I always keep my tables simple so the beauty of the natural elements that inevitably make their way onto them can shine through. Connecting with nature as we celebrate makes everything more meaningful and wakes us up - even for a couple of hours - from the materialism that can creep in at this time of year.

simple, natural, holiday table

natural Christmas table setting

Enjoy a natural and joyful holiday dinner everyone.

15 December 2014

10 small simple Christmas trees

Simplifying our lives and our homes doesn't have to take a break at Christmas. I adore small, simple (and real!) Christmas trees. If you've got a small home, or a small room you'd like to decorate for the holidays, one of these tiny simple tree ideas are the way to go. All natural, no hassle. What could be nicer for the holiday of peace and joy? 

simple, natural Christmas, small space decorating for Christmas

small simple Christmas tree

Christmas tree in bird bath

tabletop Christmas tree in crate

simple tabletop Christmas tree, rustic, natural

simple, natural small space Christmas

simple rustic Christmas

tiny Christmas trees for entryways, small spaces

tabletop Christmas tree

tiny modern rustic Christmas tree

11 December 2014

simple, natural and repurposed gift wrapping ideas

Have you given up buying commercial gift wrapping paper yet? It's non-recyclable, and really unnecessary given the stunning DIY options available. I've given up purchasing gift wrap in favour of using natural and repurposed materials, which I think creates a personal touch that adds to the gift itself.

This year, I tried out birch bark wrapped over kraft paper, tied up with string and adorned with a sprig of greenery.

simple, natural repurposed DIY gift wrapping

Here are some other awesome ideas from repurposed paper bags, tissue paper, newsprint, material, parchment paper...even old sweaters. Get creative this season. Our landfills will thank you!

simple holiday gift wrapping, DIY holiday wrapping

DIY repurposed gift wrapping

repurposed newsprint gift wrap

DIY holiday gift wrap

eco-friendly DIY gift wrapping ideas

eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas

DIY simple gift wrapping
white paper gift wrap DIY

repurposed paper DIY gift wrap

DIY eco-friendly gift wrapping

DIY holiday simple gift wrap

DIY simple Christmas wrapping

eco-friendly gift wrap ideas

7 December 2014

4 simple DIY holiday cards

Do you hate spending on store-bought cards as much as I do? Original and natural is much more interesting, isn't it? This year I've got four ideas for you for super-simple DIY home-made cards using natural or re-purposed materials, and a little creativity.

The first uses a cedar tip secured with a hot glue gun to card stock. Next, dried pressed flowers are used for Christmas ornaments on the tree.

natural pressed flower home-made holiday card

The other all-natural card idea requires snips of greenery - pine, fir, cedar - anything will work. Using a hot glue gun, secure the tips in a circle to form a wreath. A button card is so easy - simply hot glue old buttons on the card and use a ruler to draw a straight line off the end.

simple DIY Christmas cards, eco-friendly card ideas

This watercolour tree was also super easy - I used these instructions.

easy watercolour holiday card

simple, natural, Christmas cards, pressed flower cards

Hope these inspire you to create your own Christmas cards this year. Have fun!

30 November 2014

20 feel-good, eco-friendly gifts for 2014

More and more I've been trying to consume less and do a lot more simplifying in my life. I even made gifts this year to cut down on purchasing. But there will still be people on your holiday gift list that you will want or need to buy something for. So, here is a guide to gifts that will make your loved ones and you feel good:  everything on this gift list is either fair trade, supports artisans and craftspeople and small business, is good for health and a healthy home, and/or is made with recycled or all-natural materials. This holiday gift guide will help you give a gift that will do good for people and planet. That's definitely a feel-good way to shop and give this season!

heirloom organic seeds; eco-friendly gifts
bee-friendly heirloom seed pack

handmade quilted throw; eco-friendly; fair trade
dignify reclaimed cotton sari hand-stiched throw that supports Bangladeshi women

cotton sewed lavender gift sachets
handmade lavender sachets

handmade linen cross-over apron
handmade linen apron

natural soaps for men
all-natural soap set for men

organic herbal teas, immune boosting tea
organic herbal immune boosting tea

string art, all natural art
handcrafted string art

fair trade 10 thousand villages bowl
fair trade Vietnamese accent bowl

simple modern watch
TIM watch that micro-funds families in need

handmade journal, natural, vintage
handcrafted vintage map journal

hand-carved wooden iPhone stand
handcarved wood iPhone stand

handmade gift list; ultimate eco-friendly gifts
handmade wool laptop case

vegan cookbook, simple gift, eco-friendly gift guide
one of the best vegan cookbooks out there - simple and easy recipes for healthy eating

ceramic coffee mug, tea mug
handcrafted ceramic mug

recycled materials bags
Matt & Nat natural material bag with 100% recycled plastic bottle lining

handcrafted string bowl, rope bowl
handcrafted string bowl

watercolour art, top handmade gifts
original watercolour print

washed linen napkins; natural gifts
natural washed linen napkins

headspace guided meditation downloads, top health gifts to give
Headspace gift of guided meditations

feel good gifts this Christmas
gift a gift of child sponsorship and help a loved one make a lasting connection