28 April 2013

fave new online shop: dignify

Shelley, from dignify.ca recently let me know about her amazing home and gift shop that curates unique pieces of d├ęcor, jewellery and handbags from craftspeople around the world. Not only are the products special, but they are all sourced from those who's dignity and livelihood depend on their production. As the website says, dignify helps women choose items that they will both love and feel great about buying. What a brilliant concept. I've just placed my order. I urge you to take a look as well! 

All images from dignify.ca

26 April 2013

room of the week

Lovely space to curl up with a good book while waiting for patio weather....

House and Home

21 April 2013

monday refresh: mid mod chair

I finally got around to recovering a great mid-century modern chair and stool that I found in Calgary a while back. 

I found a medium-weight fabric with small polka dots on sale and grabbed it and two large buttons to cover.
I carefully took off the old fabric one piece at a time and used it as the pattern for my new pieces. All it took was a staple gun and a little creative folding and tucking. I didn't end up putting the arms back on - I like it this way for now, but they can always screw back into place later.


Got a vintage piece of furniture laying around? A simple makeover makes a world of difference. Good luck!