14 August 2012

side-table upcycled DIY makeover

Yesterday I revealed a beach-glam bedroom refresh

Because the budget was low, I needed to be creative in coming up with furniture options. A side table with storage was a requirement, so I tracked down a fantastic but cheap old chest at a garage sale. My client couldn't believe I could turn this ugly laminate box into something befitting the glamorous guest room she envisioned. Oh, how I love freaking out rookies. 

Here is what we picked up for $3.50. 

Here is what it looks like now. 

I removed the hardware, used wood filler to fix some dents, and lightly sanded down the laminate wood finish. I then spray painted it with two coats of white enviro-friendly Krylon H2O paint (about $10). As I always do, I put 3 coats of water-based high-gloss urethane on top. Then I added shiny new oversized knobs picked up at IKEA for $10. 

Easy-peesy! And she doubted me. Pfft. :) 


  1. That is just gorgeous! I love that you decided to use the oversized knobs - perfect!

  2. Shut up.
    So wanting those knobs now.

  3. Such a great makeover! I love great transformations from an inexpensive, often ugly, piece.

    What brand of voc-free spray paint do you use?

  4. @cred

    Thanks for bringing my attention to this, because I've realized it wasn't a no-VOC paint. It was Krylon H2O Latex, which is 55% more environmentally friendly. (changed this in the post)

    I usually use this if spraying a piece, but more often than not I don't spray and instead use CIL Dulux Natural with a brush. Love this stuff.


    LOL- thanks! And thanks for stopping by and for all of your kind comments.

  6. Looks amazing... You'd never guess what it once used to be! Great find, even better transformation :-)

  7. That is an amazing transformation. I'm loving those knobs. They just make it so glam.

  8. @Kelly AndersonThanks, Kelly.

    I really love how spray paint covers furniture but I'd prefer to use something more eco-friendly and health-friendly.
    Good to know that you've had success with Krylon's H2O paint. I haven't had much luck with it on a couple projects- over sisal or cardboard. I haven't tried it on wood since I thought if it doesn't have good coverage over cardboard, it wouldn't do much on wood. Will have to revisit that.
    I've purchased an LVHP spray (to use with compressor) so that I could try spray with VOC-free latex paint. I have read instructions online explaining how to do it- I just haven't been brave enough to give it a go yet.

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  10. @cred

    I have to say I like no-VOC paint better as well, but this worked ok for this project.

    Let me know how the compressor sprayer and paint works- have been dying to try it! Good luck!

  11. Hahaha! I love your "freaking out rookies" comment :-) You totally transformed that ugly duckling table into a beautiful swan. Love the drawer pulls, they really dress up the table nicely :-)

  12. The knobs were the perfect touch. Well done, Kelly.

  13. The hardware and a coat of paint made a huge difference! Great transformation!

  14. Love, love this design and the transformation. Gorgeous work. I am also loving those lampshade! :)

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  15. It looks fantastic! Amazing what a coat of paint and great hardware will do.

  16. @Sarah Gunn

    Thanks! I know, I paint just about everything- ha. I picked up those IKEA knobs as a backup, but they turned out to be perfect for the piece.

    Thanks for reading and have a great week!

  17. I have been looking for new knobs like those! I think they play the main role in making the storage chest either pretty or pretty ugly, don't you think? In your case, shiny metals really do the trick! Actually, I also doubted you at first looking at how dull that chest initially looked. But who knew with your magic hands, it could actually transform into a very grand work of art.


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