29 July 2014

best stylish basket storage inspiration

Don't you just love baskets? I know I do. Natural, wire, vintage, structured, collapsible...I love them all. In my opinion there is no better solution for storage that also looks stylish. Here's proof.

best stylish basket storage ideas
basket storage in a small entry
basket storage on open shelving
vintage vignette
kitchen basket storage

best basket storage ideas
best basket storage ideas
basket storage for closets

23 July 2014

DIY comic book coasters

This was a fun little project. I wanted to make something for my brother for his birthday, and came up with a way to combine his love for comic books and coffee: coasters covered in vintage comics! This was an extremely easy and cost-effective project using cork coasters (found at Target or IKEA) and Modge Podge. What do you think?

DIY coasters as gift for him

DIY comic book coasters

21 July 2014

succulents: a home's best friend

Have you jumped on the succulent train yet? Succulents are suddenly everywhere at home and work, and I get a tiny thrill everytime I see one. They are just so green and lush and cute aren't they?

decorating a home with succulents
They are so easy to keep, even for black-thumb types, and are a natural and budget way to decorate. Not to mention the clean air benefits they (and any plant) provide to a home. 

decorating with succulents
air plant centrepiece
upcycled air plant container
Here's a great resource on the various kinds of succulents. One of my favourite indoor plants -  the air plant, or tillandsia - is actually not included because it's technically not a succulent. No matter - tillandsia or succulents or a combo of both provide an inexpensive and easy care solution to natural home decor.

succulent resource

17 July 2014

trend to stay: white

If you read my blog you know I love white. I find it very soothing to the eye and the soul. I believe it is timeless and can easily be used as a base for any decorating style. I'd also classify it as sustainable, because it can be washed and painted over, making the material or the walls last longer.

trend to stay: white
There are lots of wonderful white goodies for your home on Etsy. I've collected some of the best to show you so head on over.

white handmade and vintage home goods
 "White House" list

Do you love white in your home too? 

13 July 2014

plan a simple week

Welcome to a new week! We are in the depths of mid-summer in the northern hemisphere, and no doubt many of us are vacationing and spending time recharging with family and friends. I know I'm so excited to go back home to the East Coast for vacation time at the end of the week to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

I thought now is therefore the perfect time to intentionally plan out ways to live simply for the week, in an effort not only to make our own lives better, but also to do our part in the whole eco-system of our planet. Living moments, days and weeks with intention can help us stay on track to a simple and grateful life.

Check out these tips from Tiny Buddha on living simply everyday.

 I wish you all a joyful week. 

9 July 2014

soft summer colour palette

Ah the lovely warm and dreamy feel of summer. I love a muted palette that reflects the hazy days, don't you?

muted pale colour palette

7 July 2014

small condo refresh

I spent the weekend refreshing my condo by changing around furniture and creating wall galleries and groupings - all instigated by recieving wonderful free artwork in a draw I won over at Decor Happy. I was thrilled to order lovely prints from Siiso, Images of This and That, and Koshi at Minted. Such amazing artists!

art gallery wall

So naturally I had to make room on the walls and that meant a total refreshing. The two yellow watercolours with natural elements are my own creation, paired with the artwork from Siiso.

I'm liking the light look for summer. I moved out the sofa in favour of the two club chairs I love from IKEA. This is a combo of my own photography and art along with two geometric prints from Koshi.

Rearanging things on the wall continued to the kitchen, entryway and bedroom as well.

small white kitchen

small entryway

summer light bedroom

The barn photo in the entry is by Tania from Images of This and That. I mounted it in an existing frame but didn't have a mat so simply used burlap as a backing. The bedroom is a combo of garage sale botanical prints and my own art, along with hanging lightbulb terrariums (tutorial here).

Do you rearrange and refresh your home for the seasons?

4 July 2014

weekend wandering - Brazilian natural design

All eyes are on Brazil right now. But along with exciting World Cup action I'm also looking at home design, and I'm wowed by this serene, simple and nature-inspired home on the coast.
natural home design
I love that its simplicity- white walls, polished concrete floors - allows natural elements to take centre stage. Old wood beams, trim and doors add warmth and character, and vintage/handmade furnishings and art stand out and tell a story.
Brazilian home design

modern rustic home design
The indoor-outdoor flow is wonderful, and though it may be harder to achieve here in Canada, gives us ideas on how to position doorways and windows that face gardens, sunlight and patios in order to extend our living into natural surroundings.
natural home design

natural design
modern rustic bathroom

I don't know about you, but I'm cheering for Brazil!

All photos by Matthew Williams via Elle Decoration South Africa and Elle Decoration UK.

2 July 2014

simple DIY herb planters

This year I've been using fresh grown organic herbs to up the game in my kitchen. I'm definitely not a cook, but lately I've been trying to take the time to cook up healthy meals for the week, and herbs just make everything taste better. They also smell great hanging around on the patio or the kitchen counter. I currently have a big pot of basil and rosemary, and small pots of parsley, oregano and mint.

DIY herb planters

To make a pretty display on my tiny condo patio, I covered 3 IKEA planters with natural materials - rope, birch bark and burlap. All were simply cut to size and secured with a hot glue gun. Very natural and zen, don't you think? 

DIY birch bark planter

DIY burlap covered planter

My tiny condo patio is now covered with plants, with just enough room to relax and read a book while feeling like I'm in the middle of nature, not a bustling suburb.

patio garden

growing herbs on a patio

summer condo patio

Have fun growing herbs and plants, and covering your planters with all kinds of natural material for a fun look. Let me know what you've had success with!