12 July 2013

real life colour inspiration: summer white

White is on trend right now, and will stand the test of time. It can be warm or cool, and can be used to create a calming space or provide a neutral backdrop for pops of colour. Have fun with it! 

7 July 2013

how to use white at the cottage

Yes, you can use white at the cottage and not worry about dirty feet and food-covered kids. Think about using white to lighten the inside so that it matches the outside and reflects lots of that brilliant sunshine you are there for. 

White walls, white tables and white cabinetry can be covered with a protective water-based polyurethene so they can be easily wiped down. Or get rid of your upper kitchen cabinets and replace them with white open shelving. White slip-covered (and washable) furniture works well, and washable white cotton curtains give a casual cottage vibe and draw your eye to the view. Think about switching out old dark light fixtures with hanging white pendants. White plastic (and designer knock-off) dining chairs stand up to heavy bum traffic. Finally, bring the white outside and paint old deck floors. 

Blend all that white with natural hues and materials for a relaxing and inviting feel. Enjoy! 

white and natural cottage
modern cottage kitchen
contemporary cottage with wood
modern industrial kitchen
natural modern cottage

6 July 2013

sustainable home: nature's cube

Now this is what I call a sustainable home. This cube in northern Italy leaves a minimal footprint, is made with local wood, and can easily be taken apart and moved when needed. Plus, the amazing views and natural  setting make this a win-win. I could live here. As long as there is wi-fi. 

small eco-home

Architects: Studio Aisslinger

5 July 2013

black & white day 23

Black and white is the perfect backdrop for summer greenery, no? And expanding living space into a garage, instead of building new, is my idea of great sustainable design.