31 May 2013

real life colour inspiration: fresh linen

The colour of fresh: mowed lawn, cut wood, new blooms, crisp linen. Can you smell it? 

29 May 2013

desktop wallpaper...digital and hard copy

I recently came across some pretty desktop wallpaper downloads and it reminded me of options for old-fashioned desktop wallpaper projects. Both are equally beautiful don't you think? 


27 May 2013

monday refresh: vintage side table

Today's refresh is brought to you by my New Brunswick pal Andrea, who is becoming a pro at vintage furniture and home refreshing since she and her hubby purchased a wonderful old classic Colonial Georgian home in Fredericton. She has added her touch to update it yet remain true to the history of the home and the area.

One of her latest projects is a beauty. She painted this antique table/desk with a Zinsser primer, Benjamin Moore Yarmouth Blue latex paint, and a water-based topcoat of Minwax sealer. I just love the look of it paired with the modern gray lamp. Great job! 

25 May 2013

vintage heaven

One of the best things about moving to the centre of the universe (just kidding my Eastern and Western friends!) is the proximity to many spectacular design and antique shops, markets and shows. I had an exciting day today at the Christie Antique Show, right around the corner from my home in Ancaster, Ontario. Wow, Canada's largest antique show did not disappoint! So many finds, and yet I restrained myself. Since this was my first time, I was simply on a scouting mission, in preparation for September's show! (must save more loonies in mason jar piggy bank...)

Here is only a tiny sample of the many treasures spotted.

17 May 2013

sustainable space: small kitchen renovation

Here's more beautiful proof that you don't need to move to get a better home. Take a look at what Sarah achieved by doing a renovation of her existing small and dated kitchen. What a wonderfully functional and charming space! Here's to living sustainably. 

See more at Smitten Studio.

14 May 2013

the new modern rustic: part 2

My original post on the new modern rustic trend is one of the most popular on the blog, so I figured you wouldn't mind being inspired once again by this warm and natural design style. To keep it modern think wood mixed with ultra white; sleek black framework with stone walls; vintage accent pieces combined with stainless steel. This style can bend more modern or more rustic to meet your exact preference.


11 May 2013

happy mother's day mom!

Magnolia and Japanese Cherry trees in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

7 May 2013

pale spring palette: wedding-inspired

Two wonderful friends from Calgary were recently wed and began their married life with Spring-inspired colours: champagne, peach and green, with a little black and white thrown in for an elegant touch. The inspiration board I created for them in the planning stages is still motivating me to use these pale and pretty colours for lots of other things this Spring as well. And eat peaches. 

rustic elegance wedding mood board

5 May 2013

weekend wandering: Spanish colonial

In a tribute to Cinco de Mayo here is a wonderfully renovated Spanish colonial home in California by Hugh Jefferson Randolf Architects. Lovely flowing lines and blends the inside and out seamlessly. With a bit of traditional fun colour and patterns!