17 May 2013

sustainable space: small kitchen renovation

Here's more beautiful proof that you don't need to move to get a better home. Take a look at what Sarah achieved by doing a renovation of her existing small and dated kitchen. What a wonderfully functional and charming space! Here's to living sustainably. 

See more at Smitten Studio.


  1. Small kitchen renovation is really looking good and the renovation added a value as it has to be. I also have a small kitchen and i renovated it but my builder did it in 4 days and it all was fantastic. I will suggest you to visit him: http://www.buildingandbeyond.co.nz/kitchen-renovation

  2. You renovated a small kitchen in a mannered way that it doesn't look like a small kitchen now.
    kitchen renovation

  3. For me it doesn't matter if her kitchen is quite small compared to the others. Sarah did a fantastic job in this renovation because she was able to bring out the best in this small space. Who would have thought that a simple and tedious kitchen will turn out into something magnificent as this. I really find it awesome!

    Herb Koguchi @ Kroll Construction


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