21 July 2014

succulents: a home's best friend

Have you jumped on the succulent train yet? Succulents are suddenly everywhere at home and work, and I get a tiny thrill everytime I see one. They are just so green and lush and cute aren't they?

decorating a home with succulents
They are so easy to keep, even for black-thumb types, and are a natural and budget way to decorate. Not to mention the clean air benefits they (and any plant) provide to a home. 

decorating with succulents
air plant centrepiece
upcycled air plant container
Here's a great resource on the various kinds of succulents. One of my favourite indoor plants -  the air plant, or tillandsia - is actually not included because it's technically not a succulent. No matter - tillandsia or succulents or a combo of both provide an inexpensive and easy care solution to natural home decor.

succulent resource

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