16 August 2012

room of the week: black and white living room

Yep, you guessed it. Another simple beauty with lots of white, black, natural accents and modern design. I love the sleek lines of the mid-century modern inspired stools and paint-dipped table. Also love that the fireplace was painted out in a crisp white, and that the entertainment equipment is hidden in a minimalist white unit hung on the wall. The cowhide rug, layered amongst others creates a sense of warmth and personality.

modern living room
Jennifer Hagler via Houzz
Thanks to Kelly at Jax Does Design for bringing this to my attention (you know I love my black and white rooms!).

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  1. I knew you'd like it! :-) Even though I love colour, I can totally appreciate the beauty of a black & white room - espeically when there's some wood & texture thrown in :-)


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