13 August 2012

beach-glam guest bedroom: before and after

A little while back I told you I was working with a client on turning her blank slate spare room into a glamorous guest bedroom with a light and chic beachy vibe. You can check out the design board here.  Now take a look at how it turned out. 

Both she and I are very pleased with the results, even though it is a bit different than the design board. The slight change was driven by the wallpaper that we found, which kept a neutral colour instead of bringing in turquoise. This was a good idea because it blended well with the beige walls and carpeting in the room. We therefore had free reign to use turquoise in the curtains and accessories. We kept it simple though, since it's a small room and she wanted to achieve a calm feeling. 

The total budget for this project was $500, and we began with only a bed and frame. First, we built a headboard by cutting six 21" squares from plywood and covering them with foam, batting and discount fabric. Each board was tufted with a large fabric-covered button by threading it through the back of the board and tying it off. Each board is secured to the wall with industrial strength velcro strips. 

Next was a bedside table. This was a garage sale find for only $3.50! A little paint and new hardware does wonders. See tomorrow for the before and after on this. (here you go)

We also found a wicker stool while garage sale-ing as well as a paddle that we painted white. Another great $1 thrift find was the hurricane lantern that was then filled with sand and shells. 

The fabulous turquoise curtains were hugely discounted because of a small tear which is undetectable when the panels are kept drawn to the sides. The bedding was a splurge- after all, you want your guests to feel pampered. 

The result is a hugely different room than when we began. 
What do you think? 


  1. I love it! And I love that you were able to create such a beautiful room on a $500 budget! It proves that you can do an amazing room makeover without spending a lot of money. Plus it's more fun to look for amazing bargains and recreate pieces to give them a new life, like the hurricane lamp. It's going to be hard to get guests to leave this room :-)

  2. @Kelly @ JAX does design

    Thanks Kelly! Yep, so much more fun to find budget finds and fix them up. Not only does it make the room unique, but it is a sustainable way to decorate as well. The total budget came in under $500, and that included splurging on really nice bedding!

  3. You have done an amazing job on a very slim budget. Kudos!!! And that lamp is just awesome - even better that it's a garage sale find. Really, really great work, Kelly!

  4. Wow wow wow! It's so fresh and crisp and beautiful! I can't believe that bedside table was $3.50!! The wallpaper is fantastic too!

  5. Unbelievable that you did all of that on such a small budget. It is a beautiful room now. I think the wallpaper made the biggest impact!


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