21 April 2013

monday refresh: mid mod chair

I finally got around to recovering a great mid-century modern chair and stool that I found in Calgary a while back. 

I found a medium-weight fabric with small polka dots on sale and grabbed it and two large buttons to cover.
I carefully took off the old fabric one piece at a time and used it as the pattern for my new pieces. All it took was a staple gun and a little creative folding and tucking. I didn't end up putting the arms back on - I like it this way for now, but they can always screw back into place later.


Got a vintage piece of furniture laying around? A simple makeover makes a world of difference. Good luck! 


  1. Nice! I've been looking for a chair like this for awhile, hopefully I'll come across one soon!

  2. Great job Kelly! I have bee itching to start an upholstery project but I don't have the space for a spare chair. Love the fabric you chose!

  3. I have a small chair waiting on me to bite the bullet! Time to try something new!

  4. Love this refresh! That is one of my favorite chairs... great job!


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