6 February 2015

simple, sustainable homemade valentine's gifts

I live far away from my nephew and nieces so I like to send them a little box of treats on Valentine's Day. I know I always loved getting something in the mail when I was a kid (ok, I still do) so I imagine they enjoy opening up the box to see what goodies are inside.

sustainable holiday treats; simple gifts; homemade gifts

This year, I went with simple, semi-healthy treats in mason jars, and a box filled with little cut-out hearts from scrap bits of craft paper (I still make them the old fashioned way by folding in the middle!). Filling jars (which are both pretty and re-usable) with dark-chocolate covered pretzels, trail mixes, popcorn, or even dark chocolate chips is an easy and yummy treat - the Bulk Barn has lots of options at decent prices. Grown ups might like a new tea or coffee blend, and some cinnamon sticks. I used some chalkboard paint on the tops and wrapped waashi tape around the lids.

DIY Valentine's Day

simple handmade Valentines Day

Anyone have any more ideas for simple Valentine's Day treats?

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