1 February 2015

oatmeal almond banana cups

I don't post many recipes here, but this one had to be shared. Today I made these vegan (and easy!) oatmeal, almond, banana cups and oh my are they good. They're a little gooey-er than muffins, hence the name "cups", but work just as well for a quick snack. As well as being vegan, they're processed-sugar free and in fact, low in any sugar at all (just a little maple syrup). Perfect for a really easy, healthy treat on a winter day!

vegan low sugar muffins
I used a little almond butter when they were still warm out of the oven...mmmm...
Thanks to Coffee & Quinoa for this recipe. Check out her site, and also my Plant-based Recipe board on Pinterest for more healthy ideas. Happy baking!

Low sugar muffins


  1. Oh my goodness, these look so yummy! I'll be checking out the Coffee and Quinoa site and your Pinterest Board for sure! GORGEOUS images!
    Visiting from Barb's Sunday Sundries.

    1. Thanks for coming over to visit Cheryl! Hope you enjoy the Banana Cups. I just aspire to be half as good as Barb! :)

  2. Such gorgeous images! I love the closeup with the pretty paper edges framing all that yumminess! thanks so much for linking up to Sunday Sundries!

    1. Thanks Barb! I'm trying to learn from you and your series over at Kim's. Thanks for the continuous advice and inspiration. Now I'm just saving up to get a better lens for closeups... :)


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