9 February 2015

tea organization

I've jumped on the tea craze train. I have to say I love trying new combinations of flavours and herbal concoctions. It's also been a good way for me to curb snacking at night, since I can sip away on a flavourful mug of goodness instead. I recently ordered a couple of flavours from the Oh She Glows Organic Tea Shoppe - my favourite is African Mint.

clarity tea

But having so many different teas, that come in different containers, and need a bunch a tools and accessories, can mean a lot of clutter. It also took up too much room in the cupboards of my small condo kitchen. So now all my tea and coffee trappings have come out onto the countertop corralled in a wooden tray as the centrepiece of an organized drink station. You can see that I still drink coffee sometimes as well, and I also love my SodaStream for carbonated water. 

tea organization

I put all the teas into either mason jars or the tall containers that some came in, and covered them with black and white polka dot craft paper and washii tape. I also painted the lids in chalk paint so I can label them and change up as needed. 

chalk paint tea organization; diy tea station

I hung some of the measuring spoons and tea strainers onto a hook on the wall, and tools like wood spoons, cinnamon sticks and more strainers go into a pretty mug. The vintage paddle is handy for cutting lemon slices. 

organized tea station

I ordered a beautifully handmade honey pot from Riverware Pottery Nort -  I love it for an easy way to add a little sweetness to some of the tea blends. 

home made honey pot, etsy

I also just received 2 of these gorgeous mugs from Christe Ahee - love her work!

handmade coffee mug

So has anyone else become a tea lover? How do you organize your tea paraphernalia? 


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    1. Gosh, that's high praise coming from you Barb - thank you so much. I've been studying and practising - it's a good excuse to have fun! :)


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