12 February 2015

top 8 no-VOC paints by price and accessibility

Clients and friends all seem to be painting these days. Whether it's a kitchen makeover or full-on home renovation, many are looking for advice on paint colour and types. Regardless of colour or finish, for interior paint jobs I always strongly recommend no-VOC paint in order to reduce harmful toxins being emitted into your beautifully updated home. I mean, you want to feel comfortable and healthy, right?

Refreshed Designs: top 8 no-voc paints

So I'm sharing with you the resource list I've compiled on easy-to-find no-VOC paints, along with a price list for comparison. All are zero VOC (before colourant), good coverage, long-wearing and scrubbable. Some have built-in primer and some don't. They are listed by price in CND$ per gallon.

Behr Premium Plus (at Home Depot) - $26.97

CIL Premium (at Home Depot) - $29.97 - also available at Wal-Mart and Canadian Tire

Valspar Ultra (at Lowes) - $36.97

Beauti-Tone Natura (at Home Hardware) - $42.99

Sico Evolution (at Rona, Kent, and other retailers across Canada) - $52.99

Dulux Lifemaster (at Dulux outlets)- $64.99

Sherwin Williams Harmony (at Sherwin Williams outlets)- $64.99

Benjamin Moore Natura (at Benjamin Moore outlets across Canada) - $79.99

I personally like Behr, CIL and Beauti-Tone as they have good coverage at a reasonable price. CIL and Beauti-Tone take two coats, unlike some of the other brands with a primer included, but I actually think that coverage is more even with two coats of any paint. And they are both Canadian companies! 

Note- none of these brands are affiliated with me in any way and I have not been paid for any listings here. I simply needed to do my own research for projects, and thought this may help those of you who are seeking to refresh your own homes without adding toxins to the environment. 

This is certainly not an exhaustive list, but covers the paint brands I've found to be easy to access and come from reputable companies. Please comment below if  you've used other options, and/or the ones you like the best. I'd love to hear your reviews. Happy painting! 

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