3 February 2015

mid-winter office refresh

If you're a regular reader, you know that I re-arrange my furniture often. What can I say, I like change and I'm a nerd when it comes to cleaning and organizing.  This past weekend I set up a new desk space in my small condo living room so that I can have all of my bills, work, and electronics in one spot- right where I use them.

white desk, natural modern office, minimal office

The slim IKEA desk had been holding my TV previously, but I switched it back to a desk because it's long enough to be used for a workstation and also hold an electronics charging tray, yet narrow enough not to protrude into living space. In my small condo, the living room is used for watching TV, doing yoga, dining and working. So everything needs to be properly proportioned and work well together. (Yep, the TV is too large for my liking in this space, but it's the only one I have so it stays for now!)

condo, small living, office, dining, living room

I like a clean white palette mixed with natural colours and materials, so I contrasted the sleek contemporary white desk, storage box and tray with vintage jars and plants. I made the mouse pad out of a coffee can lid - details for this and a matching hanging lamp can be found here.

organized home office

The charging station keeps everything neat and tidy in it's place.

pretty white electronics charging station

A vintage jar holds scissors, pens and paint brushes, while the wooden box holds business cards, USB sticks, and other little work tidbits.

vintage storage in modern office

I put this old board shelf up a little while back (as I showed in this post). Don't you just love the old rusted brackets found at an antiques market?

vintage board and plants in white office

Are you refreshing a little corner in your home this winter?


  1. This looks gorgeous! I LOVE the colour palette of your space. It feels so calming! Have you thought about turning your charging station tray so that the handle/opening faces the wall? I was just thinking as I looked at it that it would be an awesome way to corral the charging cables for each one out of sight. Looks lovely either way!

    1. Thanks Vanessa- that's a great idea - I'll try that!

  2. Love the new look!! And the light is just beautiful!

    1. Thanks so much Beverly! I know, I just love how much light comes into the whole condo. It makes such a difference, right?

  3. Love this, it feels so clean and fresh yet cosy too.


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