18 February 2013

guest bedroom and upcycled side tables

No side tables + slim budget = find cheap tables to upcycle. Right?

upcycled side tables DIY

That's exactly what I did for the empty beige guest bedroom in my townhome rental that begged for some sophistication. I had only a bed (which I re-upholstered here), and therefore needed furnishings and decor, but with very (and I mean VERY) little budget!

A little sustainable DIY design was in order...

I found two unfinished side tables on Kijijji for $20 and painted them black and then cut leftover wallpaper to go under the glass tops that came with them.  

I then painted over an old yard sale picture for home made "art" in coordinating colours. 

Curtains re-purposed from my previous home added some luxury.

Now it can be called a proper guest room. All for $25. Calling all friends to come for a visit! 


  1. Nicely done! It looks like a calm and relaxing spot for guests :)

  2. Love how you upcycled the side tables, and your artwork is amazing! Looks like you're settling into your new home nicely - looking forward to seeing more :-)

  3. Wow! it's amazing what a few touches can do. Well done :) Such a calm and serene space!


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