7 May 2014

keeping vintage bathroom flooring

I've seen it many times. The bathroom becomes the last room of the house we renovate and refresh, and by then the funds are low. It's still functional, it just isn't that pretty. But perhaps if we look a little closer, a big part of the solution is already in front of us. The floor. Keep it and simply refresh with paint and a few updates all around it.

saving vintage bathroom tile

If you are lucky enough (that's right, I said lucky) to have old tiles or laminate flooring in a groovy pattern, you can easily bring it into the 21st century by making it the star of the show. Paint the walls and old cabinets in the bathroom white, gray or another light, serene neutral.

Modern and sparkly lighting updates a space quickly, along with chrome hooks. Natural textures also make the room both serene and contemporary, so add baskets and bamboo blinds.

Apartment Therapy

Saving old patterned flooring in your bathroom can save you money and be a way for you to design your home sustainably. For more inspiration, check out other examples here.

And...if you can't work with your existing flooring, how about painting it? Check out these ones.

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