25 October 2014

vegan chocolate treat

I'm not an experienced baker, and I'm certainly not a food blogger. However,  a culmination of an online course that I'm taking in still life photography, and a gradual shift over the past couple of years to a plant based organic diet led to having fun today with a new recipe and then setting it up for some photo practice.

vegan chocolate dessert
Fudgy Mocha Pudding Cake
I recently got my hands on the vegan cookbook Oh She Glows from Canadian Angela Liddon. Her recipes are ones that even a novice in the kitchen like me can follow and reasonably succeed at! The Fudgy Mocha Pudding Cake is divine. This vegan thing might just be all it's cracked up to be...

The Start to Finish still life course from Kim Klassen is full of tips, tricks and inspiration on setting up a photo shoot, getting some great shots and then editing the crap out of them. Some very cool stuff happening over there. I recommend you take a look at her site and pour over her dreamy images.

Kim Klassen {dot com}

So, my homework assignment to photograph chocolate, brown paper and something pretty from the kitchen was rather...delectable. What better reason to bake (and eat) something chocolate?

For more resources on plant-based and organic living, see the sidebar for blogs and books that have been very helpful to me. I'd love to know of others you've found and would also recommend - please leave any recommendations in the comments - I appreciate it, as will others!


  1. Check out Chocolate Covered Katie for lots of healthy and vegan dessert recipes. And this is a really good gluten free (can also be vegan) cookie recipe - I make it a lot, and I'm not vegan or gluten free, I just really like these cookies :-)


    1. Thanks for these resources Kelly! I've recently begun cooking and baking more in an attempt to eat a plant-based diet, so these will be helpful

  2. Love the messy, always love that in cooking shots. I think it makes you feel like you can do the recipe. Looks really yummy.

    1. Messy just seems more real life, doesn't it? Thanks Barbara.


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