20 November 2014

creating a cosy green bedroom for winter

Brrr....winter has definitely arrived in Canada! We had our first real snow this week; I love how pretty it makes everything, but it sure does make me want to stay inside and curl up. So, what better time to redecorate my bedroom to make it cosy, and of course, green, for winter?

winter bright light bedroom

I was inspired by Urban Jungle Bloggers and their challenge to make your bedroom green with plants this winter. Not only do plants in the bedroom keep the air fresh, they also make it feel bright and warm (at least to me).

white and green winter bedroom

I'm really lucky to have big south-west facing windows that let lots of natural light into my bedroom. So I've filled it with plants. And pretty vintage vessels. And DIY art. And reclaimed wood. I spent no new money on this bedroom refresh - other than purchasing two new plants at half price! The big spider plant was a steal - and it's one of the best for air quality.

yarn wrapped plant can

DIY plant can jute rope

New plants needed new containers - so I took a soup cans and wrapped yarn and jute around them. No cost there.

plants in the bedroom, vintage, green

bedside table storage

Books are kept close at hand and neat in a vintage bike rack, and a nature-inspired pottery plate holds bedside stuff.

diy nightstand, lightbulb terrariums

The nightstand was thrifted and refreshed with paint and wallpaper scraps - tutorial here.  And the bed frame was reupholstered myself - instructions here.

repurposed upcycled terrariums air plants

I made DIY lightbulb terrariums to hang by rope - instructions here.

vintage wood cabinet

reclaimed windows DIY

One of my favourite things of all time is the glass cabinet my brother made for me out of old antique windows from a building that was torn down. I keep bracelets and watches in it - isn't it spectacular?

jewellery storage vintage

More vintage vessels hold the rest of my jewellery.

jewellery storage

I simply changed out the knobs on an IKEA dresser for a more glamorous look. Necklaces are hung on the wall as ready-made art and organized storage. Faux sheep rugs add texture and keep things looking cosy for winter.

So...are you inspired to refresh your bedroom with plants and all things cosy? No need to spend- just look around your home for things you already have. Good luck!


  1. A beautiful bedroom styling and wonderful plants - I like the overall rustic feel you created! Bravo! And thank you so much for joining the Urban Jungle Bloggers!

    1. Thanks so much Igor! What a great group of blogging green friends to join into - the inspiration is wonderful.

  2. This is a dream, Kelly! I love how you personalized your entire bedroom with beautiful DIY's (those light bulb terrariums are so cool!) and plants. It looks so dreamy and peaceful. Thank you for playing along again, so nice to have you join all the way from Canada!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words Judith! It's very cool to be able to join in with other bloggers around the world who love to bring green into their homes!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Barbara. Hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday season!


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