18 June 2015

5 essentials for a small functional entryway

Entryways to our homes create one of two immediate feelings: welcoming and peaceful, or cluttered and chaotic.

One of the biggest problems I see a lot of clients and friends struggling with is a small entryway with little room to organize and store stuff. The family ends up tripping over shoes and jackets and getting irritated every time they enter. That's not the way our homes should greet us!

So for small entryways, I've designated 5 essentials that will get you out of Crazytown and into Happyland.

1. A small table or shelf.  A surface area to throw down your phone, keys, mail, and anything else you might be lugging in or need to find quickly on your way out is key. A place for all of these things instead of having them fall onto the floor will keep you from losing them and your mind.

2. A bowl or basket on your table. This not only adds some style but keeps things neatly corralled.

3. Hooks. They are a lifesaver for a quick place to hang up bags, coats and dog leashes.

4. A large basket or bin. Again, these add style and texture but also provide places to neatly store scarves, mittens, flip flops, etc. where you can easily find them.

5. A mirror. It not only opens up the space visually but also saves time by being able to do the once-over when you're heading out the door, without having to go back into a room after you've put your shoes on.

My tiny condo entry has just enough space to house a small chest with storage drawers, a stump stool for sitting, hooks, a bowl for keys, a big wooden bowl for scarves (the winter picture below) and a mirrored closet door. Small but efficient.

Hope these tips give you an idea of where to start in your entryway. Even just adding a few hooks and a pretty bowl will help! Happy refreshing.

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