28 June 2015

How to Create an Easy Vignette

I love seeing an interesting vignette in homes. It instantly gives me a glimpse into the personality of the homeowner. Vignettes are really easy ways to make your space meaningful and beautiful, and they're also a cinch to change up regularly with other things you own. I change up the vignettes around my home all the time - it's a way to refresh without painting or renovating or buying something new.

Vignettes can be an art - but anyone can accomplish them when keeping these five things in mind.

1. Start with the centrepiece. This is something that you build the rest of the vignette around and has personal meaning to you. A memento from a trip, a piece of art, something found from nature, a vintage mirror, or a special gift.

In this vignette the rustic repurposed cabinet that my brother made from barn boards and old weathered windows is my centrepiece. I smile every time I look at it.

2. Add height and depth. A tall element, which may or may not be your centrepiece, and other shorter ones make it interesting. And don't arrange everything in a line against the wall or the back of the surface it's on. Put some things in front of others.

3. Add an uneven assortment of small accessories.
4. Bring in nature. Whether it's flowers or something found on the beach or your backyard, adding an organic element will make the display and your home feel more natural and peaceful.

5. Edit. Step back to review your vignette and then remove a piece or two. We usually have a tendency to add too much; a cleaner look will feel more relaxed and natural, and also allow you and guests to focus on the meaningful things you've displayed.

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