12 January 2012

mid-century modern rug search

Rugs can really refresh a room without having to change much else.  At the moment I'm looking for the right rug for a sleek, mostly white, mid-century modern living room with dark wood floors, a very light grey-green sofa and mustard yellow accents. Here are some ideas so far. What do you think?  

Bold yellow to go with the accents?
via Mix and Chic

I'm liking the neutral chevron pattern.
via DecorPad

Maybe blended blocked colour?
via Apartment Therapy

A dark gray-brown shag might work.
via jaytalorid

Stripes could add to the mod look.
via DecorPad

Could go for a more bohemian eclectic look.
via ekoshyun
Black and white chevron could look pretty chic.
via DecorPad

Or a black and white Greek key pattern to amp up interest?
via DecorPad

Maybe just simplify and go with a jute or seagrass?
via DecorPad

Or go for bold with cowhide?!
via DecorPad
Any other suggestions? 


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  2. good choice of rugs. many inspiring photos. thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi...Your post really got me thinking..... An intelligent piece of work, I must say.

    Thanks for posting your insights and experiences.
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  4. The first concept looks so awesome. The details and designs are so united. Gray and yellow really look good together! The carpet and the wall have a lot of say in the overall appearance.

    Jackelyn Lippard


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