31 January 2012

no-spend diy art project

My blogger pal Tiffany, at Living Savvy, endured a no-spend-month challenge throughout January. She created lots of decor goodies without spending a dime. So impressive! So today she is hosting a no-spend party and I submitted a no-spend diy art project that I completed recently. 

I needed new art for my refreshed dining room I'm working on (tulip table is arriving today, so check back soon for the reveal), but I didn't have anything left in the budget. So I took an IKEA Ribba frame that I already owned with a picture in it that didn't appeal to me any longer, and painted right on the cardboard backing that it came with. 

I painted a coat of white primer, and left the brush strokes showing. Then I used some watercolour paints and simply created an abstract masterpiece! Ha! 

Anyway, very simple, and no cost, so it works for me and my dining room. Thanks Tiffany for hosting this party and for inspiring us to be creative instead of buying new! 


  1. Love the idea of a no-spend month -- a good challenge!

  2. I love the art! Simple and clean, but still big and impactful! I want your side board also! Thanks for linking up!


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