15 September 2013

monday refresh: no cost gallery wall

I've recently created two different gallery walls - no money spent- by simply gathering various existing frames from the home and filling them with home-made art, personal photography, prints from old calendars, and vintage posters. 

The first was at my parent's country home on the East Coast. The grouping is in all black frames to create unity. 

 This small gallery in a different corner of the same room groups wood frames. The pictures are from old calendars, and the leaves are from good ol' Mother Nature. 

The next was in my powder room which has a blank white wall and a wallpapered wall behind the toilet. I wrapped the gallery around the two walls and mixed up the frames to add some interest to a small space like this. 

Hope you are inspired to refresh a wall without purchasing anything new! 


  1. I love projects that are no cost! Love the grouping! It is always nice to feel like you have changed up your space without spending a dime!

  2. What a wonderful gallery wall - love the idea of using calendar images framed!!

  3. @designchic
    Thanks! I know, calendars have such great images and look great when framed. Thanks for reading!

  4. @Tiffany @ {Living Savvy}
    Thanks Tiffany. I'm in a "no-spend" challenge with myself right now, so continue to look for budget decorating ideas. Thanks for reading!


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