8 December 2013

quick refresh: homemade mouse pad

I haven't really used a mouse pad in the past, but after moving into my new condo and switching my desk to a glossy top version, I needed one. 

I had, however, committed to a "nothing-new-move-experiment"  so I couldn't go out and buy one. What to do? Create one with stuff I already own. 

I simply covered a book with some pretty material I had stashed away. All I did was wrap the book like a present and use spray glue to hold. Easy-peesy, and didn't cost a dime. 

What are your tips for no-spend solutions? 

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  1. You are a clever girl. Thank you for this. I love it. And my mantra for January/February is the same that
    you are living by now. No new stuff and use, use and use again.


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