19 February 2014

green idea: grow something!

I think I have Spring Fever, because I've started growing seeds already. 

I planted some basil and lettuce to grow on the plant shelf in front of my sunny patio door within the condo. 

I used untreated seeds, and hope they will grow well so I can have fresh produce this year. If things go as planned, I'm going to try tomatoes too, since I have room on my patio to transplant them and move them outdoors if the weather even warms up. I eat tomatoes like nobody's business so growing these plants will not only be a natural way to decorate my home, it will also save money. And you can't get much more local that getting your produce from your own patio. Is anyone else trying to grow plants from seed? 


  1. Inspired! Thanks.
    You should grow cherry tomatoes- easy and heavy producers, even in pots- especially, if you love fresh tomatoes.

    1. Thanks for these tips. I've never grown tomatoes before so I'll try that. My little balcony could be quite full!

  2. sorry if this posts twice- having problems posting comments with google acct.

  3. I'm definitely getting spring fever. Lately, I'm obsessed with flower photos on pinterest!


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