18 February 2014

quick refresh: switch it up

I like change. I know, it's kind of weird. But I love switching things up in my home to refresh it once in a while. So last weekend I switched out my desk in the den and brought it to the dining area as a side table. I always end up bringing my laptop to the table and working there anyway (I mean, the TV is in perfect view from there) so why have my desk eating up floor space in a den that could become more of a reading sanctuary? 

The new 'sideboard' in my dining room is sleek and chic, and goes so well with my glossy Saarinen table. The pendant lamp is DIY (from this earlier post). The branches on display were picked up from a branch that had fallen during the holiday ice storm. 

One of the shelving units that used to be in the real estate that sideboard now owns is sitting in front of my patio door with plants that are soaking up all the sunshine. The Eames knockoff that was my desk chair is moved in front of it. 

The salvaged and recovered vintage chair that used to be in the living room is moved to the den, which is now dedicated to reading and mediating. Cozy and zen, yes? 

An easy and no-cost switch up of furniture is all it took to refresh my space. Hope this gives you some ideas on how to update your space without spending! 

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