16 June 2014

exterior home paint options

Friends of mine in Calgary have asked for help in choosing a paint colour for the exterior trim and front door of their oh-so-cute little bungalow. Two years ago they refreshed the interior on a budget, but with big impact (check out the before and afters here). After getting married last year and now expecting a baby any day, I'm sure they won't want to take on a project that's too big, but they still want to improve curb appeal.

Currently their stucco is an off-white with white trim and a burgundy door. They have been thinking about painting the trim either gray, soft green or navy blue, but want an opinion. Rightly so, since it's difficult to pick exterior paint colours, and you need to take your time and examine patches in different light.

One thing - be sure to choose an eco and health-friendly paint. CIL make a no-VOC exterior paint that resists cracking, peeling, painting and mildew. My friends will want to go with a healthy option like this with a new baby at home.

Here are some colour options I would recommend:

1. Choose a pewter gray for the trim like CIL Fine Silver, and make the door a more vibrant red, such as CIL Old Glory. I really like this crisp cottage feel - it's my fave... I think...so many good combos below...

white house red door gray trim
 2. Try a darker gray for the trim and a deeper charcoal of the same family for the door.

slate gray door white house
Here's another example of deep charcoal gray for both doors and trim.

white stucco house trim colour
 3. A variation on the white/gray theme would be to keep the trim white, but add light gray window boxes below the windows, and paint the door brown for a wood look.

white brick gray window boxes
nest egg - good exterior painting tips here

4. I like their idea of a soft green trim, and would err on the side of a mossy gray-green. This example with a wooden door is wonderful, but a red or yellow door would work well here too.

Another variation of this would be to also paint the door in the same mossy green, only a couple of shades deeper. 

5. If they wanted to try the navy blue for a bolder look, pairing with a yellow door is a really cute option. 

white painted brick house yellow door
6. Now, if they wanted to get crazy and take on a little more work, they could keep the trim white and paint the stucco for a whole new colour palette. Here are a few options that would look nice for their style home. 

gray house yellow door

source - lots of painted brick exterior colour options here

Which is your favourite? 

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