13 June 2014

find it friday: affordable summer art

Happy Friday all. Don't you just love early summer weekends? Everything smells fresh, birds are singing, the grass is green and flowers are growing like crazy. I love going for evening walks and seeing how the neighborhood gardens have grown seemingly overnight!

I know there's still one more week to the offical start of summer, but in celebration of the season, I've curated a list of summery prints by independent artists. Decorating with unique artwork not only makes your home interesting and supports creative souls, it's also more sustainable that buying mass produced pieces from big box stores. And still very affordable.

Earlier this week I won a fabulous gift package of art from decor happy blog (thank you Vanessa!) so I'm looking forward to creating a new gallery wall. Hope you too enjoy refreshing your home with these lovely summer-inspired works!

affordable summer art
Annie Seaton

top 8 summer art prints online
Yang Yang

affordable summer art
Carolyn Cochrane

butterfly print art
Erin Deegan

flora and fauna artwork
Erin Deegan

serene art

find it: affordable summer artwork
Beverly LeFevre

affordable summery artwork
Joy StClair
vintage bike art
Jessica Reiss


  1. Love these! Can't wait to see your gallery wall when done.

    1. Thanks! I'm going to study the choices even more seriously before ordering, and figure out where I want them to go. So many possibilities! Thanks for the gift and for showcasing independent artists.

  2. Congrats on winning Vanessa's giveaway! I'm sure you'll create an amazing gallery wall with all the great art that you get to choose :-) Have fun!

    I love Yang Yang's art, and the last three pieces in your blog post definitely say SUMMER to me :-)

    1. I know, don't you just love quintessentially summer photographs? They make me remember childhood, and that I need to get outdoors more again like I did when I was young!

  3. Love your selections, especially the painting by Yang Yang. Sometimes I want to switch up art in my house just like I do textiles for summer.


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