12 January 2015

reclaimed barn board bathroom vanities

I believe that modern rustic style is actually becoming a classic style. It's simple, natural and eco-friendly, so will always have an innate appeal. Reclaimed barn board or other weathered wood is amazing in texture and interest, and when used in unexpected places - like a bathroom vanity - it adds an organic element that will make you feel connected to the earth with the start of every day!

Here are some lovely and simple examples of rustic modern bathroom vanities from reclaimed wood. Really worth considering when trying to design sustainably, instead of purchasing "new" cabinets for a next project. 

barnboard vanity; modern rustic; reclaimed wood vanity


  1. Gorgeous examples!! I live the third one down.

    1. I love that one too. Heck, I love them all! Gotta have one in my next remodel.


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