20 May 2015

my plant gang (or how to organize your plants)

Have you visited Urban Jungle Bloggers yet? It's a wonderful site with lots of inspiring images of plants in homes around the world. It's quite amazing to see how plants have been embraced as a decorative and healthy addition to homes small and large.

urban jungle in small condo

This month the Urban Jungle Bloggers challenge is to "Show your Plant Gang." So I've gathered up my nine little green friends to hang out altogether on my favourite old bench near the patio door that gets lots of sun. This little exercise turned out to be a great way to organize my urban jungle - I needed to re-pot a couple and decide which ones to take outside to the patio for the summer. After a little sweet talking to each of them they got sorted out and everyone feels better after the adjustment. Mental note: talk more to humans as well as my plants.

plants make a healthy home

urban jungle in a small condo

If you're looking for natural ways to cover old cans to use as planters, I showed you some options in this post. Take a peek.

Do you have plants in your home? Have you ever taken stalk and 'spring cleaned' and organized them? It's a worthwhile exercise. Hope to see you join Urban Jungle Bloggers this month with #plantgang.


  1. A wonderful plant gang!! Thank you for sharing it with us!!

    1. Thanks for inspiring all of us all over the world to decorate with plants!

  2. Hahahaa glad to hear I'm not the only one talking to my plants sometimes ;) Your #plantgang looks stunning Kelly! Thanks for showing it to us Urban Jungle Bloggers :)

    1. Thanks Judith. Glad I'm not alone in talking to my plants! :)


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