13 October 2011

trend to try: table lamp in kitchen

I've noticed recently on TV and movie sets that there is a new trend to put table lamps on kitchen counters. I think it is a great way to warm up this room in the house that is usually about function, not decoration. A table lamp makes the kitchen - a natural gathering spot - more like a living space in the house. And, as I pointed out in yesterday's post, it adds accent lighting that completes a design.

House Beautiful


Apartment Therapy
You can sort of see the lamp in the background of this Modern Family set. 

Set of Revenge...see the glass lamp?
This is a trend I will be trying. Will you? 


  1. I like the idea but it would drive me crazy having a lamp on my counters. Maybe I need a bigger kitchen???

  2. I love the idea too..but my kitchen is WAY to small. Not enough counter space as it is. but I will keep this in mind for clients. What a great way to warm things up!


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