12 October 2011

light up your kitchen

Whether undertaking a full remodel or just updating a few elements, lighting is an essential component in kitchen design. Lighting makes a kitchen functional (or not) and it also adds the final touch to the overall look of the room. It needs to blend into the architectural, functional and decorative plan. So what should your plan include?

A layered approach:

1. Task lighting- recommended is a blend of recessed lighting positioned to shine down on counter space and under-cabinet lighting. Florescent tube lighting under the cabinet is very effective as it shines on the complete countertop and the backsplash without creating shadows. Also think about pendant lighting over an island and sink that is bright enough to make tasks in those areas easier.

2. Ambient lighting- this is the general overall lighting that creates a warm glow and fills in shadows to create a brighter feeling in the room. If possible, try to allow lots of daylight into your kitchen for natural ambient lighting. Add to this overhead ceiling light fixtures - track or recessed halogen lights work well. 

3. Accent lighting- this is decorative lighting used to elevate the style of the room and focus on special areas. It can include pendant lights and/or drum shades or chandeliers. It may also include spot lighting for artwork or a special display. And don't forget about puck lighting inside glass cabinets. Rule of thumb: the larger the space, the grander the accent lighting. This is where you can show your own personal style, so think about the statement you want to make, and also try to to tie it into the overall style of the rest of the home.

All images via my Pinterest board.

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