20 October 2011

i'm obsessed with...wallpaper

My mom will get a kick out of this. Me, the wallpaper-hater, now obsessed with the sticky vinyl-coated paper that is piled 10 layers deep in every room of my childhood home. Mom has always loved wallpaper, and changed it often when I was young. I hated cutting it, hanging it and peeling it. And I usually hated the small flowery design on it (though I remember a pink one that I adored in my own bedroom).  I swore I would never have wallpaper in my house. That was then. Now, I can't get enough of the fantastic patterns and textures that make my heart jump when I see them. Maybe it is part of my love of all things retro, but wallpaper has definitely made a comeback and I am buying in. Take a look at some of these fantastic walls and tell me you don't agree!

Sarah Richardson

Graham & Brown


via Skona Hem

via Room Envy

via HGTV

For more sustainable designing with wallpaper, check out tomorrow's post on environmentally-friendly options. Even more to love! 

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