10 July 2012

finding inspiration for a room refresh

It's really important to go into a refresh with an idea of the look and feel you are hoping to achieve. It saves money on purchases you don't need and on paint and fabrics that aren't quite right. Yesterday, I showed you my bedroom refresh for summer; I wanted something light and airy, and the colours needed to work with my rental beige wall colour and existing taupe curtains. So with those colours in mind, I used a beautiful pink, cream and taupe marbleized vase as my inspiration. 

I'm also a big web and Pinterest browser, so I looked for rooms with the same mood that I wanted to achieve. These images inspired me further.

And here is how my room turned out. 

Hope this inspires you to find something as a "jumping off point" that you love. 


  1. Isn't it cool how you can create a room design based on inspiration from one small piece? :-) The pink & taupe vase is so pretty, and the perfect starting point for your bedroom's colour scheme :-)

  2. I love this one. Those colors you chose are so soft and beautiful.

  3. Beautiful....I spy gorgeous paisley fabric on the bottom left hand corner. I have that but in an ebony colourway. It is one of my favourite fabrics.


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