8 July 2012

summer bedroom + DIY re-upholstered bed

I recently changed up my bedroom to make it lighter for summer. A few simple changes did the trick. 

First, I reupholstered the bed frame to get rid of the dark brown leather. I used soft taupe in the same shade as my existing curtains and covered the headboard and footboard in panels, and used long strips on the side rails. 

I also replaced the dark brown mirror and switched out the dark knobs on my dresser to lighter, sparkly options. 
I have a thing for circles, so when I saw some fun circle decals at Urban Walls, I was all over them. They're removable and therefore perfect for my rental condo, and they add a bit of fun and light summer whimsy to the room, don't you think? There are all kinds of versions- you should go check them out

To add to the circle theme (and try a fun new project) I took an IKEA utensil canister and used tin snips to cut a hole in the bottom to allow me to string through a hanging pendant bulb. Kinda cool, and saved me buying a new light fixture. 

Finally, stripping off the heavy bedding down to a simple white sheet and light blanket completes a summer look and feel. 

What do you do to lighten up for summer? 


  1. Great mini makeover! You are so handy with your DIY ... that bed and the pendant ... maybe you need to start a class Kelly! I love the softness and lightness of the room. It feels like a beach house to me and I'm loving it!

  2. I LOVE your bedroom makeover! The Ikea canister-turned-pendant light is genius, and covering your bed frame with taupe fabric is genius x 2! The crystal knobs on your dresser add a nice touch of pretty, and the styling is perfect :-)

    I have a thing for circles too :-)

  3. @Tim

    Thanks Tim! Yup, you can't beat a light and airy beach house. If you can't have one, pretend, right?

  4. @Kelly @ JAX does design

    Thanks Kelly! I love changing out hardware for crystal knobs, and these ones are vintage, so even better!


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