23 November 2013

simple no-cost art and organization

I recently moved into a new condo with the goal of spending absolutely nothing and bringing nothing new into the home that I didn't already own. You can read about it here. So when it came to figuring out how to organize my jewellery and bags, and also decorate my bedroom walls, I concluded that simply hanging my stuff on display would accomplish both needs. 

I simply hung my necklaces from the tiniest of nails on the wall as an 'art installation'. 

Bags went up on door-knob hooks. 

And the rest of my jewellery is displayed on my dresser in a mix a modern and vintage vessels. 

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  1. Simplicity is beauty, right? It's admirable how you managed to decorate your condo without absolutely buying anything. You really have an eye for design and your place greatly benefited from your expertise.

    Lakisha Zimmerer @ JoanneDavidOW.com


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