10 November 2013

simplifying life

This weekend I moved up the road to Burlington into a little one bedroom + den condo. I've downsized from a 3-bedroom townhome to a 700 sqft all-white lovely little gem. It's bright with south facing sunlight, and in a residential community that feels welcoming and perfect for a nightly stroll. I decided to move because little old me doesn't need to take up so much space in the world, and I'll also save lots of money. As I wrote about in this post, why consume more space and stuff when it's been proven around the world that we can live a happy life without it?

It's also a deliberate attempt to simplify my life. I've really been struck lately at how rushed I've been. A fun but demanding job, traffic, meetings, projects and so much in general to keep up with has allowed stress to creep up on me, and I need to slow down. Simplifying my life in lots of ways will help, including living well, within my means, in a home filled only with things I love.

So now I'm unpacking and working on settling into a small space in which organizational and storage tricks will be put to the test! I've been perusing blogs and Pinterest and found some inspiration - follow my 'Small Living' Pinterest board.  I'll let you know how it goes!

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