17 November 2013

the nothing-new-move experiment

Yep, that's right. I moved last weekend to a new 700 sqft. rental condo and purchased absolutely nothing new. Not a lamp. Not a rug. Not a hook. Nothing. Nada. Zippo. And I'm here to say that decorating and organizing a new home can be done very successfully with no budget. 

The purpose of my move was to downsize, save money and simplify my life. So I made a pact with myself that nothing new would be purchased when setting up my new home. Oh it was tempting. IKEA called. But I held out. In fact, in addition to not consuming new products, I even increased the amount of money in my bank account and the goodwill in my karma account. I held a yard sale and made $500 from furniture and decorations I really didn't need. I also donated two carloads full of clothes, bags and household items to local causes. I gotta tell you it feels really good to simplify and only bring things into my new home that are useful and that I truly love. 

So here's how it turned out. 

I started with a beautiful blank slate of white walls and high ceilings. Insert some black, gray and more white, my mid-century modern vintage pieces, some natural wood, greenery and rustic pieces from 'home' in the Maritimes, and I've created a comfy home that reflects my desire for modern serenity. 

How-to's for the reclaimed and diy projects throughout my home are here. Hope you are inspired to live a simple life without consuming quite so much! 

UPDATE: I've since made some simple furniture moves and art gallery walls to refresh the space. Check it out here. 


  1. I am inspired! Girl you are amazing. I love the photography that feeling of calm and comfort is really coming through...so proud of you and congrats on the new place:)

  2. Your new place looks fabulous! When I tripped yet again over a box of stuff in the basement this afternoon, it reminded me how badly I want to get rid of all the extra stuff lying around the house. You've inspired me to do something about it, thanks!

    1. Thanks Kelly! Glad you are inspired to get rid of your 'stuff''. It's so easy to let it pile up without even noticing isn't it?

  3. Sometimes, it's not wise to buy stuff when you don't have a definite use for it. In your case, however, you've made these loveable items a lot useful in your decorations. Thanks for sharing this. I might as well grab some of the stuff I've been drooling at the department store and use them as a house decor. :)

    Carlo Wieder @ FrancesHerrera.com


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