14 September 2014

How to transition your home for autumn

Well it's here! Autumn weather has arrived here in Ontario and though I must say summer vanished in the blink of an eye, this is my favourite time of year. The leaves will soon be changing, we'll go back to jeans, boots and comfy sweaters, and our green plants will come back inside to freshen our homes once again.

So how to transition your home design for the Fall season? Here are a 5 easy ways to make your house comfy and healthy for autumn.

1. Bring house plants and herbs in pots indoors. They'll bring life back inside and clean your air at the same time, making your rooms healthy and fresh. It's easy to create a new little corner vignette with a stool and a plant. Hey, even dormant plants in vintage pots look interesting in a windowsill!

bring plants indoors for winter and fall
transition your home for autumn
fall bedroom, plants indoors, baskets, quilts, cozy room for autumn
2. Create a serene and cozy bedroom for reading and getting a good night's sleep. Pull out the wool blankets and duvets with organic cotton covers and pack away bright summer sheets and pillows. Paint over picture frames in neutral colours, add white bedding and sew up new covers for toss cushions in soft tones. Introduce wood through a stool or baskets and include other organic elements that let you feel connected to nature. Make sure to dig out your cozy throw mats so your toes won't get cold when jumping out of bed in the morning!

netural bedroom, natural design, wood in bedroom, autumn bedroom, winter bedroom
transitioning a bedroom for fall and winter, white quilts, winter white bedroom
neutral bedroom, cozy bedroom, white bedroom, winter bedroom
3. Organize your entry for the onslaught of boots, school notices, backpacks and calendars. DIY an organizer with plumbing pipe and corkboard, or use reclaimed wood to create hooks at all levels and nifty boot racks. Keeping your clutter and footwear at the door instead of letting it come into your home will let you remain peaceful and your floors remain germ-free.

DIY, entryway, organization, mudroom, autumn home
reclaimed wood, organized mudroom, entryway, winter mudroom
 4. Make sure you have very good (and interesting!) lighting in your workspace area, since there will be less natural light coming in. You can find great vintage lighting on Etsy or at your local goodwill store or flea market.

transition your home office for Autumn
vintage lighting, small home office, industrial desk
5. If you haven't already, change your your shower curtain for an eco and health friendly version. Get rid of vinyl and plastic immediately (read this post on the benefits of an eco-friendly healthy bathroom) and swap it for a PEVA liner and a 100% organic fabric curtain.

organic shower curtain, eco-friendly bathroom
Good luck with your transition and have fun!


  1. Oh, I love this! I love a cozy look come autumn. I just brought in some house plants that I had outside for the summer but today I have to pot up some basil to bring into the kitchen. (I'm in ontario, too)
    I've been looking for an attractive solution for storing shoes and boots at the door and now I'm inspired. I love the look of the rustic boot rack and bench.

    1. So glad this was a helpful post. Have you had luck in getting basil to survive through winter inside? I have to divide mine up (it has grown really large out on my patio) and try bringing it inside in a few small pots. Any tricks? Thanks.

  2. No tricks, really. I haven't had the best luck with potted herbs. I bring in basil because it will die otherwise. It starts looking a little sad after awhile. The best luck I've had with basil was starting from seed in a medium sized pot- and harvest it. Cutting from the top encourages bushier growth.


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