7 September 2014

natural bathroom renovation on a budget

When I was home in New Brunswick over the summer I worked on finishing and decorating my parents' bathroom, which they had renovated earlier in the year by replacing the tub with a new shower including a seat, and adding space at the back of the narrow room in order to eventually bring the washer and dryer up from the basement. For now, they will use the space for extra storage and organization.

natural gray and white bathroom

This was a project that needed to be done on a very limited budget. No new countertops or sink, no new cabinets, no new decor. Only a new floor was purchased, as the old tiles were busted up when the new footrprint was created.

As evidenced in this post, I tried -  to no avail - to convince my Dad to purchase a flooring option other than vinyl, but alas, due to budget limitations and the ease with which it can be installed, vinyl won out. I did, at least, get them to leave it outdoors for a few days to air out the gasses from the PVC. You can see that the vinyl does indeed, look great, as we chose a marble look.

DIY bathroom reno

The gray then inspired us to go for a soft misty gray on the walls. Well, that and the fact that we had leftover gray paint from a project a couple of years ago! The paint colour is Behr Hazelnut Cream.  The bottom of the walls were already clad in wainscotting so it was carried through on the new walls as well and given a new coat of ultra white semi-gloss (again left over, so no cost for paint).

budget bathroom reno

adding design to a shower curtain

My mom sewed the curtains from material she had for another project, which went brilliantly here. She then also used a strip of the same fabric and sewed it along the bottom of the shower curtain to add some punch.

decorating a bathroom with antiques

natural bathroom decor

storage in the bathroom

Natural and vintage pieces were used to fill in the room and make it pretty. A glass-door bookcase hutch was painted and distressed, and it holds baskets of toiletries, towels and hand-made family quilts. An old vintage medicine cabinet was hung on the wall, and jars and crocks hold rocks, shells and wheat for a natural touch.

budget bathroom refresh

A bench hand-made by my grandfather was whitewashed, and four hooks on the wall above it offer ample hanging space for towels. Baskets hold essesntials like toilet paper.

This project was accomplished on a very small budget and gives their country home a modern but still relaxed and rustic vibe. You can see the master bedroom in the house that was refreshed on a budget here.


  1. It looks perfect. I just love all of the details and keep scrolling back through so I don't miss anything - wonderful!

    1. So glad this was a helpful post! Thanks for your comment and for reading!


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