25 September 2014

organizing and styling a tiny laundry closet

I downsized last year into a small condo that I love. The problem is that I have only one storage closet, and it's one of those tiny laundry and storage closets that holds a stackable washer and dryer and pretty much nothing else. I really needed to make the most of this small space for storage capability and better functionality. And of course, to bring in some style!

laundry soap organization; pretty cleaning supplies; homemade cleaning supplies

There are 12 inches of space between the wall and the laundry machines, which is exactly what's needed for the IKEA LACK wall shelf.  It fit perfectly and tightly so I didn't even need to anchor it to the wall. It's tall so takes advantage of that awkward space and provides shelving for laundry soap, cleaners, an iron and lots of other stuff.

small laundry closet organzation' pretty laundry closet

I wanted to make this room not only functional but pretty ( possibly even making laundry fun?) so I wallpapered some foam core board from the Dollar Store and cut it to size to go behind the shelf unit. This hides the mess of pipes behind it, and adds some interest. I then papered one matching strip on the opposite wall (it's removable wallpaper so great for renters) over which I hung pegs for air-drying clothes and keeping a small ironing board off the floor.

laundry closet organization; condo laundry storage; pretty laundry closet

I continued adding style by using glass jars for laundry soap and mason jars for homemade cleaning solutions. Now I have them on hand quickly when I need them and can identify them by their handwritten labels.  I painted the lids black and put waashi tape around the cover edges.

organizing homemade cleaning supplies; DIY cleaning supplies

I also took old cleaning spray bottles and covered them with scrapbook paper and filled them with natural homemade solutions (check out my pinboard for homemade cleaner recipes).

pretty homemade cleaning solutions; natural home cleaners

Baskets keep sewing supplies, shoe cleaning items, lightbulbs and candles tidy and easy to find. A matching large basket on top of the dryer allows for blanket and linen storage.

organized storage in baskets

basket storage for small spaces

small laundry closet organization

This easy organization not only takes the pressure off of finding storage space, it also makes cleaning and doing laundry fun! OK, maybe I'm going a little overboard there...

Hope this inspires you to get organized too.


  1. Visiting from S2F-3 at Kim's. I L O V E your blog, and all the lovely photos and tips! Looking forward to seeing you in class.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words Beverly! I hope to get better at photos now with S2F3! See you in class!

  2. How beautiful!. I recently added shelves to a little nook like that as well. Reused some wood and brackets I had. But yours is way more beautifully styled than mine!

    1. Thanks Barbara! Love that you used old wood. I was thinking of that but the IKEA shelf was just such a perfect fit that I went the easy route! Darn that amazing IKEA. ;)


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