19 June 2011

diy: pretty medicine cabinet

Oh, how I love Saturdays. Shopping, antiquing, sourcing fabrics and furnishings; a latte (or two) of course; and a diy project. Today I wanted to make my bland white plastic medicine cabinet prettier to look at every morning. So easy, and it cost $1.

I simply bought a roll of patterned adhesive paper from The Dollar Store, emptied the contents of the cabinet, took out the removable shelves, and measured for the back of the door and the back of the unit. I cut the adhesive paper to size, and used a box cutting knife to precisely cut around the edges.
I decided to add some inspiring messages to the back of the door so that when I am getting ready in the morning, I might feel a little more inspired to fully wake up and have a productive day!

 Anyone else have some examples of medicine cabinet make-overs?

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  1. Love it! And love the color as well :)

    Found you on Shabby Creek Cottage!


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