22 June 2011

changing your chandelier from ugly to glam

So I've moved into my my new condo and it has the ugly builder-basic chandelier hanging in the dining area, and it is, of course, not centred above the table at all. There are so many great and affordable pendant lamp choices these days that I thought, I can change this out myself. How hard can it be?
DIY changing a pendant lamp

Turns out, not hard at all!

I just followed a few easy steps (check out e-how home for even more detail):

1. MAKE SURE the power is turned off, first at the switch, and then at the fuse box. Double check. And use a circuit tester to be even more sure.
2. Unscrew and then remove the old plate from the ceiling, and note how the wires are connected.
3. Unconnect the wires and set aside the old fixture.
4. Check that the new plate will fit the plate from the old fixture. You may need to cut a bit of ceiling plaster or fill some in with caulking to make it a perfect fit.
5. Rewire the new light fixture. Use the instructions that came with the new light, plus remember how the old one was connected. Make sure to get the hot wire, the neutral one and the ground wire connected to the same ones in the ceiling.
9. Screw on the plate.
10. Make sure that the lamp is centred and at the right height above the table. You may need to swag it and hang the cord over a teacup hook in the ceiling like I did.

As a general rule of thumb, a chandelier should be hung 30-34" above the table. However, the height depends on the style of the fixture, the room style and ceiling height. If the chandelier has arms, is open and/or you can see through it, then closer to the table is better. If it is a drum shade that you can't see through it should be a little higher.

So here is after the switcheroo. I got the drum shade from Bouclair Home for around $80. Looks nice, and the light even works! I'm very proud. ;)

Of course, chandeliers are great in other areas than just the dining room. Try one in the bathroom, bedroom, and even in a dressing room to add sparkle! Here are some great examples and sources.

Here are some great modern and glamorous chandeliers that I love.

Home Depot

Shades of Light

via Style Hive

Shades of Light


Home Depot

Shades of Light

Shades of Light


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