25 July 2011

real life colour inspiration: weekend delights

Happy Monday everyone! I had a lovely weekend exploring a local country farmers' market and hiking in the mountains, which are chock full of wildflowers right now. I was attracted to some great colours and found myself thinking about how to use them in my home. Inspiration comes from many things and places, not just design magazines, websites and stores. Remember to keep your eyes open and make a mental note of colours and textures you're drawn to.

Here are some of the things I saw and loved this weekend, and the palettes they inspired.


  1. Beautiful Kelly!
    My favourite of your inspirational finds is the yard... soft, cool on this warm morning and feminine :-)

  2. @Edins House
    Thanks Victoria, the yarn is my favourite too. I got another picture with pink yarns that is also nice. I love farmers' markets!

  3. My first time here. I love the way you've created those color palettes inspired by nature. Though my favorite is the yard and "purple yams."

  4. I love black and white but gosh!, color is so beautiful.... thanks to nature for making it happen!!

  5. @Tracey Ayton Photography
    Hi Tracey! I know, I'm usually a white room kinda girl, but I'm being drawn more and more to colour, especially those inspired by the great outdoors.


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