21 July 2011

refreshed bedroom project

My mom would like me to refresh her master bedroom and has given me a few directives. She wants something airy, since there is only one window in the room with limited light. She loves apple green or blue. Wallpaper is a must for the wall treatment. There are two existing wooden dressers that we can paint, along with a built-in bookshelf. The bed with black iron headboard is staying. The floor is a lovely medium toned wood and will stay.

So, here are two options. Both wallpaper choices are available in-store from Home Depot. The only other purchases will be paint for the dressers, fabric to cover a bench that already exists in the house, pillows, curtains and a maybe a lamp. Overall it is a budget and consumption-friendly make-over.

Which option do you like best?


  1. Hi Kelly,
    I prefer the green bedroom ~ I like your use of different but complimentary patterns. If your mom is interested in light and airy though she may perfer the blue, which is also very nice. Me = I like warmth and the green room has that for me! :-)

  2. @Edins House

    Thanks Victoria. Yes, I like warm and cozy as well. However, I'm not a morning person, so a bright bedroom may help kick me out of bed!


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